All political yard signs say the same thing

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Photo by Michael Carruth on Unsplash

What is the difference between an LGBTQ+ flag and a “Trump 2024” flag?

Not much.

I figured this out the other day when driving home from work.

Just up the street from my house, two of my neighbors seem to be in a political yard decor arms race.

Every time I pass their houses, one of them seems to have a new political statement piece that wasn’t there the day before. Not to be outdone, the other has one or two new political statement pieces out front the next day.

The neighbor on one side flies a “Trump 2024” flag where–I note–he used to fly Old Glory.

But his neighbor put Old Glory in the closet, too, because he hung the latest LGBTQ+ flag in its place.

Now, it is wrong to assume that someone who waves the banner for the LGBTQ+ cause cannot also wave the banner for Trump and vice versa.

But the political statement pieces multiplying like weeds on each neighbor’s lawn makes it plain that that is not the case here.

On the LGBTQ+ lawn, I see this sign: “You are loved without condition.”

On the Trump lawn, I see this one: “Pray for the unborn.”

On the LGBTQ+ lawn, I see signs for political candidates on the far left.

On the Trump lawn, I see signs for candidates on the far right.

On the LGBTQ+ lawn, I see: “Save our democracy” (meaning “save people like me from people like my next-door neighbor”).

On the Trump lawn, I see: “Save America!” (meaning “save people like me from people like my next-door neighbor”).

This is what I see on my street.

Do you see what I see?

I mean: Do you see that these two neighbors who seem so different are not that much different at all?

The soul of each one of them is crying out for the same thing: The right to exist without receiving shame or threats just for existing as they do.

Their yard decor–whether you see it as leftist or rightist–all makes the same statement: Let me and people like me be.

There is a rule for American politicians and pundits and their disciples: I will do unto you so that you are unable to do unto me.

But this is the rule for the Christ and his disciples: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Gospel of Matthew 7:12).

Protect and respect your neighbors’ God-given right to be….left, right, and everything in between.

This is the Way.

Grace and peace.


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