Life is made for life; the world is not.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

The world does not care that I like to write for an hour (or two or three) in the morning. The world does not even notice that this is a thing for me.

The world is not made for my health and well-being.

The world–so corrupt, off-balance, sick, and wasteful–cannot do anything but make it easier for me to be corrupt, off-balance, sick, and wasteful, too.

Life, however, is made for beauty, creativity, curiosity, discovery, health, kindness, love, and wonder. Life is made for my health and well-being.

If I want all for which life is made, I won’t get it from the world.

I won’t get it from the world’s economics, entertainment, media, politics, religion, technology, or what passes for “wisdom.”

I won’t get abundant life from following the world’s ways because the world is set up to exploit me. Take from me. Use me.

I’m worth something to the world only as along as I have energy, money, or time that it can take from me.

This is why I choose to put my faith in one who said: “The thief comes only to kill and steal and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (Jesus the Christ, Gospel of John 10:10).

I choose to believe that the Christ is not interested in taking my energy, money, or time. He doesn’t need them. He is interested in me.

He is interested in giving me life. More life. Abundant life.

Life for beauty, creativity, curiosity, discovery, health, kindness, love, and wonder. Life for my enjoyment. Life for my health and well-being.

So much life that I have plenty to share and a reason (hope) to share it.

My belief in one who gives abundant life, and my faith that shares all that extra life with my neighbors, is what I call Christianity.

But I must choose it, practice it, and try it again daily.

Grace and peace.


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